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History of SCL  >  1950-1959

- The Lebanese Caving Club is founded (Spéléo Club du Liban – SCL).

1953- 1954
- The terminal siphon of the Jiita underground river is reached at 6200m. It is worth mentioning that the last British-American expedition to the cave reached only 2000m.
- The first official caving intervention. A sinkhole was discovered in the water retention tunnel within the Nahr el Bered hydraulic station.
- SCL takes part in the first international caving meeting in Paris (France).

- The tourism commissionership assigns one of the SCL members to develop Jiita cave’s underground river for tourism purposes.
- The first issue of “Al-Ouat’Ouate” (“The Bat”, the SCL magazine) is published.

- Creation of the SCL Logo.

- SCL actively takes part in the exploration of the Berger sinkhole in France, which later turned out to be the first sinkhole discovered in the 20th century whose length exceeds 1000 m.
- Lebanese President Camille Chamoun inaugurates the tourist section of the Jiita cave underground river in the presence of SCL members.

- The “Berger Gouffre” team visit Lebanese caves. On that occasion a film under the title “Rivière sans Etoiles” (River without stars) is screened on Monday, August 12 (color movie, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival) under the patronage of Mr. Michel Touma, General Commissioner for Tourism.
- Official acknowledgement of the SCL, which was registered since December 1951 (Min. Dec Nr. 90 of 17/1/57).

- SCL members discover the “Upper Galleries” in Jiita Cave.

Albert Anavy
Lebanese money and original photo by Sami Karkabi
Lebanese stamp and original photo by Sami Karkabi
Lebanese stamps and original photo by Sami Karkabi
Lionel Ghora
Sami Karkabi
jiita 1960's photo by sami karkabi
jiita cave 1960's photo by sami karkabi
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